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About Barwalt® Tools

Barwalt® Tools

Like many of you, Barwalt® Tool Company traces its origin to the tile setting crafts. For many years we were known as 'Precision Tile Spacer Company', which reflected the first product we brought to the industry. Our spacers are asked for by name throughout the North America, South America, Europe, and many other locations around the world. Although our product line has broadened and diversified, our growth is still closely tied to the publics use of ceramic tile. Long range prospects for continued growth depend on the consumers perception of beauty, utility and longevity of ceramic tile. Quality tools enable a skilled craftsperson to accomplish exceptional workmanship.

Since 1977, Barwalt® Tool Company has led in innovation with an ever growing line of products that have revolutionized the way your work is accomplished. Our products are carefully designed and precisely crafted out of the finest materials available, using state of the art production techniques. Some of our production capabilities that include injection molding and extrusion machines. At Barwalt® Tool Company engineering excellence is our credo.

Barwalt manufactures products that meet the demands of the customer, from length of useful life to return on dollars invested in the product. We put our customers first and stand behind all the products we manufacture. Barwalt has created a full line catalog to achieve our goal of meeting all of your flooring needs.

It is our promise that we will not compromise the quality of materials and construction just to be competitive. Our company is built around the principle that the user should have all the help he or she can get to do a quality job quickly and safely. You can depend on Barwalt® Tool Company for the superior tools you are searching for

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