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PLAIN: Multiply width by length and add 50% to determine total

number of square feet in area.


length and triple the resultant figure to determine the total area.


PLAIN: Multiply height by length and double.

PICKET: Multiply height by length and multiply the result by 4

to obtain total area.

Residential – Interior

Wall Areas

Measure overall dimensions. Add lineal footage (width) of each

wall. Multiply total by the ceiling height to determine square foot

area of walls. Do not allow for openings totaling less than 100 feet.

Ceilings, Floors &Wood Trim

Measure total area to be varnished, stained and varnished, or

painted. Multiply length by width for total square foot area,

ceiling and floors.


The measuring of surfaces in commercial or industrial structures

differs little from residential work except in buildings or plants

of mill construction where there may be large areas of exposed

beams, girders, columns, posts, structural steel, pipe lines, etc.

In unfinished buildings of this type, care should be taken to see that

the total areas of the ceilings, which are in reality the under side of

the roofs, are figured according to the pitch of the roof and that

sufficient footage is added to take care of the 3 exposed sides of

beams, rafters, braces, pipe lines, etc.

When figuring wall areas, be sure that the areas of any

studding, pillars, columns, pipe lines, etc. are added to the

measured wall areas.

Areas of Polygons

Multiply the base of one triangle of the polygon by half the height

and then by the number of such triangles involved in the polygon.

Towers frequently present this problem for figuring.

Areas of Spheres

Multiply the square of the diameter by 3.1416.

Table of Spheres:

Diameter in Feet Approx. Sq. Ft. Approx. Sq. M

1 3.2 .03

2 12.6 1.17

3 28.3 2.63

4 50.3 4.67

5 78.6 7.30

6 113.1 10.51

7 154.0 14.31

8 201.0 18.67

9 245.5 22.81

10 314.2 29.19

11 380.2 35.32

12 452.4 42.03

15 707.0 65.68

20 1256.6 116.74

25 1963.5 182.41

30 2827.0 262.63

40 5026.0 466.91

Areas of Cylinders or Tanks

For area of tank or cylinder tops, multiply the square of the

diameter by .7854. If bottom is to be painted, multiply area of tank

top by 2. For the sides of the tank, multiply the circumference

(circumference = 3.1416 x diameter) of the tank by its height

which, when added to the area of the top, or top and bottom, gives

the total area to be painted.

Estimated Square Footage per Ton of Structural Steel

when Thickness is Known:

Thickness Sq. Ft. Per Ton Sq. M Per Ton

1/8" 800 74.3

3/16" 533 49.5

1/4" 400 37.2

5/16" 320 29.7

3/8" 267 26.7

1/2" 200 18.6

5/8" 160 14.9

3/4" 144 13.4

7/8" 133 12.3

1" 100 9.3

1 1/2" 57 5.3

2" 50 4.6